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MBA Faculty

Dr. Vera Adamchik

Dr. Vera Adamchik

Associate Professor

"One thing I would like to point out to those considering an online course: Do not think because it is an online course that it is going to be easy. So be prepared to study! Be completely committed and focused." View profile »

Dr. Jonathan Du

Associate Professor in Accounting

"An MBA is the highest degree of business practices. Students can learn a lot from the program." View profile »
Dr. Rachana Kalelkar

Dr. Rachana Kalelkar

Associate Professor in Accounting

"Be completely committed, be focused and be ready to work hard." View profile »
Dr. Xavier Garza-Gomez

Dr. Xavier Garza-Gomez

Professor of Finance

"An MBA is becoming a requirement for getting managerial jobs. More and more companies won't consider candidates without an advanced degree, so it is a valuable credential that helps one climb the corporate ladder." View profile »
Dr. Ziad Swaidan

Dr. Ziad Swaidan

Professor of Marketing

"I love to make a difference in the knowledge of my students." View profile »
Peggy Cloninger, Ph.D

Dr. Peggy Cloninger

Professor of Management

"Online courses offer flexibility but are not less work than face-to-face courses; everything you might have said in class must now be typed into discussion boards." View profile »
Dr. Chun-Sheng Yu

Dr. Chun-Sheng Yu

Associate Professor of Management

"MBA is a platform which can satisfy your desire, your life dream." View profile »
Feirong Yuan

Feirong Yuan

Assistant Professor of Management

"Engage in the learning opportunities and capitalize on these for your future success." View profile »
Kwan Lee

Kwan Lee

Assistant Professor of Management

"HRM is something you can do really well if you study." View profile »

RN to BSN Faculty

Dr. Dorothy V. Thomas

UHV-Interim Director of Nursing

"Embrace your goal of obtaining a BSN at UHV as the beginning of a journey; manage your time effectively; utilize resources to conquer challenges; and believe that your dream of becoming a bachelor’s-prepared nurse is within reach." View profile »

Rose Goehring, MSN, APRN, C-FNP

Clinical Assistant Professor, Nursing Program

"Organization and motivation are important factors to ensure success in your courses. Hold yourself accountable, practice time management, and set aside the time to study. Take a deep breath! It is definitely worth it!" View profile »

Undergraduate Faculty

Dr. Andrew Baerg

Professor of Communication

"Students should be able to come away from this degree with a deeper ability to think critically, write more cogently and communicate more clearly. These skills should be able to help them further their goals in whatever career path they choose and allow them to function more effectively as global citizens." View profile »

Dr. Kyle Schlesinger

Professor of Publishing

"The purpose of higher education is to learn how to learn, and to learn more about one's self and community in the process. From there, anything is possible!" View profile »

Dr. Mark Ward

Associate Professor of Communication

"When employers are asked what they look for in hiring new talent, strong communication skills and the ability to think critically are always at the top of list. Mastering these skills by earning a degree in communication will therefore prepare you to succeed in a wide range of careers." View profile »

Dr. Nicole Eugene

Assistant Professor of Communication

"I encourage all of my students to apply the concepts we are learning so they can ensure they will finish the class as competent communicators in their personal and professional lives." View profile »

Woodrow Wilson Wagner

Lecturer of Speech Communication

"I want to implement a curriculum that responds to the specific learning styles of all my students. Since most collegiate learners are diverse in nature, it is essential to provide a differentiated curriculum by varying presentation style and format to ensure an individualized focus on the learner’s needs." View profile »

Dr. Craig Goodman

Associate Professor of Political Science

"The value of bachelor's degree is that it provides students with a wide range of skills that can be applied in almost every area. Students will learn to think critically, conduct independent research, gain familiarity with data, and write clearly." View profile »

Dr. Beverly Tomek

Associate Professor, Associate Provost, Dean of University College

"The past informs the present, and knowing about the past makes for informed citizens who can make responsible choices in our democracy. This is just as important as gaining job skills." View profile »

Dr. Dmitri Sobolev

Associate Professor

"Work hard, and you'll get your reward." View profile »

Dr. Jesica McCue

Clinical Assistant Professor

"Choose wisely: Find a program with authentic teachers who are well versed in their field and dedicated to communication and student success. " View profile »

Dr. Ricardo Teixeira

Associate Professor

"Math is fun. We will provide applications of mathematics in real life but with appropriate rigor." View profile »

Dr. Ali Dogan

Assistant Professor

"Plan ahead, have an effective calendar system, stay organized. Self-discipline is one of the keys to success in an online course and online bachelor's degree." View profile »

Cherlyn A. Hodge

Instructor/Student Success Coach

"A bachelor's degree helps open doors to new and better economic opportunities and refines the marketable skills that employers seek." View profile »

Jake Snyder


"[Students] will learn how to express themselves effectively and professionally in many different contexts, from communicating with their coworkers and bosses to addressing customers and writing formal enquiries to those they don't know." View profile »

María Salomé Chavarría Salgado

Spanish Lecturer

"Foreign-language majors gain skills in oral expression, critical reading and translation. Also, they gain appreciation for other cultures, adaptability to different environments and receptivity to new ideas." View profile »

Dr. Scheila Wesley Martins

Assistant Professor

"Do not be afraid to make mistakes during the learning process, because that is the process. Instead, go further and learn more." View profile »

William Scott Harkey


"A bachelor's degree reveals to employers that you have the ability to learn—to acquire new knowledge and skills. In sum, a degree in any academic field shows that you can do anything you put your mind to." View profile »

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