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Benefits of a Global Management Education

It is a brave new world for business in today’s fast-paced, high-tech environment — one that offers boundless opportunities for a new generation of business leaders.

Markets across the globe are increasingly interconnected and interdependent. The sale of goods and services stretches across international boundaries, thanks to the internet and instant communications.

More and more professionals are recognizing these global trends and preparing to fast-track their careers through advanced degrees with an international emphasis such as the University of Houston-Victoria Global Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Management online program.

Benefits of a Global Business Background

For those exploring business school options, there are several benefits a global business advanced degree can offer, according to

  • An edge on the competition. Employers are looking for workers with the skill set to excel in today’s global business environment.
  • Opportunities to see the world. International business opens up avenues to explore new lands and experience different cultures on your employer’s dime.
  • Career options. Job opportunities for those armed with global advanced degrees are plentiful in the private, nonprofit and public sectors. Possibilities? Cultural adviser for a business. Community developer with a government agency. Global product development. International trade. And many more.
  • See the big picture. You’ll gain an understanding of different cultures, demographics and markets. This unique insight into global business issues helps your employer see the big picture to enable the right business decisions.
  • Gain a different perspective on general business skills. Make yourself more employable by adding the international perspective to basic business skills such as marketing, finance, accounting, management and economics.

A Challenging Career Path

As businesses expand across international boundaries, the risks increase. According to the SHRM Foundation, economic, political, regulatory and societal events can impact the entire value chain from top to bottom.

Other challenges, according to SHRM, include the following:

  • Businesses need to understand why culture affects productivity and how to effectively manage the gaps and points of friction between societal and corporate cultures.
  • To be successful, businesses must realize that employees from different cultures and backgrounds are motivated by different incentives. They also react differently to various management and communication styles.
  • Because they have diverse perspectives and experiences, multicultural workforces contribute to creativity and innovation. Businesses can also use the in-depth cultural understanding of local labor to their advantage. This understanding can help them avoid making embarrassing or costly mistakes, too.
  • Businesses must adapt to the changing global workforce. Older workers will grow in number, while the number of youthful workers declines in developed countries. Women are generally surpassing men in education, and one billion women are expected to enter the workforce in the next 20 years. And, more workers are expected to migrate or be hired across borders.

To meet these challenges, the upcoming generation of business leaders needs a global view of management, business theory and economics. Working professionals aspiring to advanced degrees are looking to online programs focused on international business such as the University of Houston-Victoria Global MBA with a concentration in Management online program.

Offering sound business principles with a global perspective, the program equips students with management techniques and administrative tools to deliver results in any business.

Learn more about UHV’s Global MBA with a concentration in Management online program.

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