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Become a Global Business Leader

Are you prepared to conduct business around the world? That is a question many companies are asking prospective employees because business increasingly knows no borders. The global village is the new marketplace and forward-looking professionals seek to establish an edge.

Online degree programs like the University of Houston-Victoria Global Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a concentration in Management are gaining in popularity because they deliver a set of skills that allow you to be successful across local, regional, national and international boundaries.

Qualities of a Global Leader

Training and experience are only part of the equation that adds up to a global business leader. According to Young Upstarts, a leader should also possess certain qualities, including the following:

  • Self-awareness. Leaders are able to understand the different types of people they work with. They are able to adapt behavior to fit the context of the opportunity or problem being faced.
  • See the big picture. Leaders see their company in a broad context that includes all the partners that make the company a success.
  • Know when to hold and when to fold. A leader will know when to use time tested strategies and when to think outside the box. Working with diverse business models across the world, they need to know what to keep and what to avoid.
  • Be honest. Actions and words can reach millions of people in minutes in today’s world of social networking. Corporate ethics have never been more important.

Develop Global Leadership Skills

Multinational companies have operations, alliances, senior managers and partners stretched across the globe. According to Young Upstarts, the skill set that allows global leaders to work across international boundaries includes experience working overseas, cultural sensitivity, strategic thinking with a global reach, great negotiation techniques, and the ability to clearly communicate their vision with confidence.

Some of these skills are gained through experience. Others can be learned. Regardless, proper training and education can give a new generation of business leaders the tools they need to navigate an increasingly complex global business environment.

The University of Houston-Victoria Global MBA with a concentration in Management online program delivers an array of relevant business expertise within a global perspective. Perfect for busy professionals with family and career responsibilities, the accredited program offers the chance to learn how to manage today’s diverse workforce and cross-functional teams using proven methods and applications.

Specifically, the online program offers:

  • An opportunity to learn to analyze an ever-changing global business environment
  • The skill set needed to address cross-disciplinary issues in a global marketplace
  • The keys to working through cultural differences to address organizational issues from a global perspective
  • The knowledge to apply theories, models and tools to solve global business issues
  • Insight into the strategic role of human resources management in developing and sustaining a competitive advantage

The online program offers five start dates a year and can be completed in as few as 16 months.

Learn more about UHV’s Global MBA with a concentration in Management online program.


Young Upstarts: The Characteristics of a Global Leader

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