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Career Paths for University Studies Graduates

Market-driven fluctuations found throughout many industries are asking college graduates to be flexible. The current climate indicates the need for prospective employees to have a broadly assembled set of skills. It is also important to have a grasp of the management and communication principles that are key to advancing an enterprise and vital for innovation.

Graduates of general programs can expect to flourish in fields as diverse as sales, management, customer service and marketing.

In response to the shifting modalities across many professional landscapes, the University of Houston-Victoria has created programs for students preparing for the next challenge on the horizon. As part of UHV's online Bachelor of Science in University Studies General Program Requirements, students develop skills they can use in several career fields after graduation.

UHV's online B.S. in University Studies program offers students the possibility of transferring up to 90 credits of previously completed college coursework. This translates to being able to earn the B.S. quicker and at a lower cost. It also makes the online program a great option for non-traditional students like adult learners with some college but no degree.

The program features a substantial foundation of math and science. UHV's B.S. in University Studies curriculum also emphasizes crucial communication skills and management principles to help students find their next opportunity and give them the keys to flourish in those positions. Three of the core elements of these degree requirements are Professional Writing, Principles of Management and Intercultural Communication. Here is a look at some of the potential directions they offer students who seek agility and flexibility in their careers.

What Will I Learn in a University Studies Program?

The following foundations provided by a Bachelor of Science in university studies combined with an individual student's interests will guide graduates toward becoming ideal candidates for entry-level positions in fields ranging from business to the humanities.


In UHV's B.S. in University Studies online program, Professional Writing (ENGL 3430) hones critical written communication skills such as general correspondence to develop necessary networking skills further.

Also, students learn tools for researching and presenting data alongside an analysis in organized reports. Instructors will showcase the keys to creating effective resumes and cover letters so that students on the job hunt will be able to illustrate their abilities and their intentions as prospective employees. When candidates nail those intentions in writing, they give employers a more reliable, convincing sense of their abilities.

Bernard Marr at Forbes highlights how good writing showcases other valuable skills, like empathy, critical thinking, creativity, strategy, imagination and vision.

Strong writing skills are vital for positions in advertising and public relations, as Business Insider explains. Essential roles for fundraising and curriculum development or technical writing, including generating copy for instruction manuals are among the possibilities.


Principles of Management (MGMT 3303) looks at how successful managers get the best performance out of those they lead. Coursework in UHV's online B.S. in University Studies builds on an analysis of systems along with a study of the evolution of management theory.

As students understand more about how different people work together, they learn how to effectively communicate the job requirements and the expectations of their outcomes. Knowledge of values, leadership and motivation goes a long way to providing students tools to lead in diverse professional and industrial environments. Further, a baseline grasp of organizational development helps students flourish across a broad spectrum of employment opportunities. 

Career Builder depicts management and communication skills as beneficial in bridging the gap between upper management and staff. These skills will apply, particularly in marketing and sales areas, where success depends on savvy leaders guiding projects with finesse.

Cultural Competence

Intercultural Communication (COMM 4314) offers UHV's University Studies students a view into different cultures' communication styles. It gives them insights to help navigate working with people from all walks of life. This course completes a robust structure established by the writing and management portions.
The more cultural awareness students possess, the better prepared they will be to avoid conflicts that derive from cultural differences. Beyond that, they will learn how to resolve conflicts that arise when groups of individuals come together to pursue a common goal. Managers can recognize and utilize the cultural factors that influence communication to benefit team members. These adaptations further lead graduates to succeed in an increasingly diverse job market.

Those capable of resolving interpersonal conflicts do well in positions that require them to interact with a range of people; fields include customer service, event planning or teaching.

U.S. News & World Report points to several management roles that require a combination of these core abilities, whether overseeing account relationships, leading teams through projects, or troubleshooting an entire company's operations.

Functioning as the heart of the 100% online B.S. in University Studies, these three courses open graduates to a multitude of career directions and further specialized education down the road. 

Learn more about the University of Houston-Victoria's online Bachelor of Science in University Studies


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